/ Jul 27, 2021

Cookieless Marketing

Cookieless Marketing
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Adapting to become successful in today's marketing while complying with consumers' data protection policy. Personal data protection policy is meant to be favoring the future of digital marketing. However, there are some technical challenges against the past digital marketing approaches. It seems to be an obstacle at first but if we do it right it could enable even more opportunities in the future. Highlighted class of the month is Cookieless Marketing. It initially gives you an idea of how to tackle today's cookieless world - which is a major part of data protection policy.

The class of NeuAcademy July 2021

Panuwat Wannu - Strategic Planning Director

Wilawan Aow - Business Director
Marketing 5.0 Technology for Humanity Part 1

Prapatpong Thamneam - Creative
Knock Down คนดูงาน VDO ด้วยไอเดียสุดปัง!

Pornsilp Sakhakorn - Associate Design Director
Brand book Workshop (End)

Thitima Prarasre- Interactive Design
Web Usability

Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director
Project Insights from Budget Summary Report

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Writer Panuwat Wannu Strategic Planning Director NeuMerlin