/ Sep 21, 2021

The Future Possibilities in Agency Business Model

The Future Possibilities in Agency Business Model
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Advertising/Marketing Agencies have evolved drastically in past few years. Today, agencies involve a lot more with the clients' business than before. We rarely work on advertising or media KPI alone. It has to be a business-related KPI at some points. When we look just a few years back, we'd notice a big difference. Despite the changes in operation activities between agencies and clients, the business model between them seems to be unchanged. This is now soon become the next changing milestone in our industry. What get you here would not possibly get you to the new world, where the true business partnership is required at the next level - a total change of new business model between clients and agencies, New World is calling.

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The class of NeuAcademy Sep 2021

Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director
The future possibilities in Agency Business Model

Panuwat Wannu - Strategic Planning Director
Golden Circle & Mission Statement

Wilawan Aow - Business Director
Marketing 5.0 Technology for Humanity Part 3

Pwan Keskarn - Creative Director
Brand Action (Ep.1 : "Found")

Pornsilp Sakhakorn - Associate Design Director
Slider แบ่งปันความรู้จากผู้ใช้งานจริง

Tumavait Vijakkhana - Director of Design and Technlogy
GA for Web Designer

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Writer Twipat Tesprateep Managing Director NeuMerlin Group