/ Feb 14, 2020

January 2020

January 2020

Ignition on for 2020! The first classes in the year and the first semester of NeuAcademy. First class started with EMP (Engagement Marketing Platform), the Platform as a Service (PaaS) concept that has been introduced in 2018 from NMG. It has now been equipped even more with marketing technology than ever before. We provided a heads-up to the team to apply updated technologies for the future works with our partners.

The major change in 2020 is also on our client management team. As we progress to the New World, we would need to become more proactive in leading clients out of comfort zone in order to capitalize new opportunity in the new world. The subject “Account Planning : New World, New Role” was introduced to the team to have a focus on today and plan for tomorrow to succeed shared vision of ours and partners.

On the production side, we have 3 exciting topics. First, we had an external expert to share insights about Film Production Process. The more we know, the better we can work around with our creative idea to answers the brief. Then, we have a rather relaxing yet powerful class that taught everyone to do their own VLog. Now everyone can express their own talent in our NeuChannel! Lastly, we have Design Aestheics #2 that continued from 2019. This time we had topic around Postmodern Art.

Stay tuned for NeuAcademy 2020! 

Class of January 2020

Engagement Marketing Platform (EMP) Heads-Up 2020 by Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director - NMG 

Account Planning : New World New Role by Wilawan Aow - Business Director - NMG

Film Production Process by Napat Kosi - Director & Producer - FineDay House

Everyone Production : "Solo VDO Production that everyone can do" by Parnupong Worapongpichet - Senior Digital Content and Motion Designer - VIRT

Design Aesthetics : Postmodern by Komtidh Loilalio - Senior Graphic Designer - SALAD

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