/ Oct 31, 2019

October 2019

October 2019

After a “REFLECT" session break in September, October was a beginning of last semester NeuAcademy IGNITE 2019. It was also the most busy yet exciting months for all team members in preparing their SCAM projects to be presented in November. Highlighted classes were Make a Professional Presentation, Creative Art Direction with WITTY THINKING, Design Aesthetics : Look/See/Feel, Structure your Thoughts with Chunk Model and Soft Skill in Practice :Tool #2

As a result of REFLECT session in previous month, NeuAcademy IGNITE classroom session has been optimized to improve effectiveness of overall learning. Some of teaching techniques, class setups as well as choices of trainers have been adjusted to make a better fit for the learning - from learning process that we obtained in REFLECT session.

Class of October 2019

Make a Professional Presentation  by Tumavait Vijakana - Director of Design and Technology - NMG

Creative Art Direction with WITTY THINKING  by Pwan Keskarn - Creative Director - NeuMerlin

Design Aesthetics : Look/See/Feel  by Komtidh Loilalio - Senior Graphic Designer - SALAD

Structure your Thoughts with Chunk Model  by Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director - NMG

Soft Skill in Practice :Tool #2  by Wilawan Aow Business Director - NMG

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