/ Dec 25, 2020

Social Media Trends 2021

Social Media Trends 2021
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Know it first. Know it now! In this Engagement Marketing Era, social media content is the most important tool for brand to become successful. For a brand to become effectively engaged with its prospects, it needs to know how to put content in the right contexts that are on trends. Highlighted class of this month is Social Content Trend 2021. Don't miss the train. See what's on for your content marketing in 2021.



Classes of NeuAcademy October 2020

Social Media Trends 2021  by Augrit Chomjampa - Senior Content Creative - VIRT
Soft Skill in Marketing Practise  by Wilawan Aow - Business Director - NMG  
Dream Map Workshop  by Panuwat Wannu - Strategic Planning Director - NeuMerlin
Rules and Regulation in NMG Family  by Jareerat  Chaowan - Human Resource and Administration Manager - NMG
Branding 4.0 #02  by Saksit Lowarun - Design Director - SALAD
Effective Video Production Workshop  by Panupong Worapongpichet - Senior Motion Designer - VIRT


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