/ Oct 18, 2020

Soft Skills in Marketing Practise

Soft Skills in Marketing Practise
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To succeed in the new world marketing, marketers need more than just technical skills. It's undeniable for today that all marketers need to learn new skills all the time. But at the end, what drives success and results in marketing is still all about managing teams of diverse people. This month's highlighted class is SoftSkills in Marketing Practise. Discover 5 skill sets that makes you a better marketer in dealing with people. New World Awaits



Classes of NeuAcademy August 2020

Soft-Skill for Marketers by Wilawan Aow - Business Director - NMG 
5 Steps to the more crative thinking by Pwan Keskan - Creative Director - NeuMerlin 
Pricing and Cost Calculation in Advertising by Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director - NMG 
Media Planning Tools Part 2 by Yossapoom Phuvapanich - Media Optimizer - NeuMerlin 
Content Production Process by Repeepan Thongsom - Content Design Group Head - VIRT
Design Principles for Packaging #03 by Saksit Lowarun - Design Director - SALAD



Download summary of this Class.