/ Aug 10, 2020

Hyper Personalization

Hyper Personalization
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Today, personalization is becoming a norm. Consumers are treated individually from the brands with customized experience and offerings. If your marketing organization hasn't yet had any conversation about personalization, you are definitely missing the train. Our highlighted class for the month is Hyper Personalization where we talk about how important marketing and creative team should incorporate personalization concept on today's omni-channel touch-points. And, how to put technology in use to enhance creative works instead of replacing creative job. True success of personalization is coming from the beauty of human working with helps from machine. Stay tuned for more learnings about personalization and engagement marketing. New world awaits.

Classes of NeuAcademy June 2020

Winning in the New World's Marketing with EMP by Twipat Tesprateep - Managing Director - NMG

Hyper Personalization by Pwan Keskarn - Creative Director - NeuMerlin

FauIt Beliefs in Media by Katalee Soonthornrangsi - Strategic Planning Manager - NeuMerlin

Solution-Based Mindset by Wilawan Aow - Business Director - NMG

Color Inspiration by Rapeepan Thongsom - Conten Design Group Head - VIRT

Design Principles for Packaging#1 by Saksit Lowarun - Design Director - SALAD

Download summary of this Class.